My deepest apologies, but I had to do it! As a proud San Francisco resident I decided to take the summer off from The Avant Gardist and visit this town as a tourist.  Before I left, I dropped off my vintage Dolce &  Gabbana backpack at Al’s Attire and left my Armani Collezioni suit with my tailor.

As locals, we forget how exciting it is to discover San Francisco with open eyes. With my Gucci messenger bag I walked this city ready for anything. I went everywhere from rooftop BBQs and Jacuzzi parties to lighting a candle where Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were married. I stopped into bars that I had always walked by, and relaxed in parks to listen to old blues musicians stroke their instrument.

I, of course did plenty of shopping! This season Giorgio Armani has green leather gloves that are absolutely gorgeous along with a fedora that makes old school look edgy. By far my favorite designs was the Fall 2014 pony-haired inspired men’s collection from Emporio Armani.

If I am taking one thing from my visit as a San Francisco tourist, it is to mix up my textures when putting together a look. I expect the gentlemen of this fine city to continue with daring patterns, sharp cuts, and to add bold colors to their wardrobe.  When you are conscious of the textures that you are layering it creates a depth or character that is striking.

Arriving back as a proper citizen I feel rejuvenated with no jet lag. Wait to you see what Al’s Attire did to my Dolce & Gabana backpack! Let’s see what kind of mischief Fall 2014 holds for us.


By Orzie Douglas

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