Joseph and Marcus Chait

The truth is I’d never thought of diamonds and jewelry as anything more than decorative bliss. They’re an indulgence, an expression of self, a way to say “I am loved,” or even “I love myself.” The other day I learned that these cherished pieces of adornment can actually be used as a strategic move to get ahead in life. Maybe it’s your dream home and you need to front the cash for it now. Perhaps it’s your fledgling business and payroll is looking awfully tight. Maybe you cannot cash in your stock options.  You’re one move away from checkmate and unable to move forward. Well that’s where providence, or should I say San Francisco Provident comes into play.

Established in 1912 the San Francisco Provident Loan Association offers short-term loans against luxury collateral.  This means your Alfa Romeo, Cartier watch, grandmother’s pendants, and yes, even your Louis Vuitton’s could be used as a means of financing.

A family owned company, San Francisco Provident has made a name for itself by showing integrity, honesty and discretion in their conduct. The Chait family has passed the business down through four generations, and as I sat across a desk from Marcus Chait, I understood why they receive so many referrals. I could tell I was sitting across from a genuine and kind man — someone who truly cares about the difference he’s making in people’s lives every day. “When you realize the assets you own can be used as options to finance your life [business] — it’s such a value from a financial perspective to know what you have available.”  But on the day I interviewed Marcus, his passion was clearly for their newest enterprise, 66Mint.

66Mint is a fine estate jewelry boutique that opened its doors in 2013. After 100 years in the jewelry business, it was only natural to acquire the knowledge, taste and expertise required for the Chaits to open their own shop. 66Mint buys and sells jewelry, provides custom jewelry design, and holds exclusive jewelry events. The space is delightfully decorated with dark wood, a plush couch, and beautiful display cases. It’s the ideal spot to throw a pre-wedding party (or might I add for all the hopeful men out there, an engagement ring hunting ground). It would also make for a fantastic outing with the girls to just pour over a gorgeous jewelry selection while sipping some champagne in an intimate setting. I eyed some exquisite emerald earrings that were truly drool worthy. Yes, you can check them out yourself, but don’t forget to call and make an appointment.

It’s up to you to decide. A diamond on your finger may feel priceless, but sometimes it is worth more off. Either way, I’d recommend putting your trust in the Chaits. Check. Mate.


66Mint 8.40ct tw Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

66Mint Valente Diamond Flower Dangle Earrings

66Mint Valente Diamond Flower Dangle Earrings

66Mint Tiffany & Co. Diamond Victoria Line Bracelet

66Mint Tiffany & Co. Diamond Victoria Line Bracelet

Photos: 66Mint
By Melinda Aulie

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