A beautiful woman engagingly asked me who has been on the top of my iTunes playlist?  After a moment of reflection I realized that Lana del Rey has been receiving a lot of my attention lately.  In her song “Blue Jeans”, she ironically has my favorite fashion lyric, “you were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop, but you fit me better than my favorite sweater.” As it often happens, art imitates real life.

After a long drawn out break-up, I was finally able to break away from my favorite Armani Collezioni button down, ribbed sweater. I am back dating potential favorite sweaters, but nothing has clicked yet. Sure, I have flirted with a few simple v-necks or crew-necks, but whenever I look in the mirror I feel like a country club guy who just got done playing 18 holes of golf, and is about to go home to his wife and 2.5 kids. Then, Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction pops into my head, “Don’t be a square Daddy-O”.

While great under a sport-coat, these lightweight sweaters just don’t have the personality for me to stay committed. Of all the personality traits of a sweater that I am looking for, it is not color, cut, or pattern. It is thickness. I don’t care if it is a turtleneck, cardigan, or some asymmetrical, poly-patterned piece, I want my new favorite sweater to have some character and depth.

I have seen some wonderful pieces from Vince, Gucci, and Paul Smith. I am sure I will be in a committed relationship soon. Who knows, we might even do a holiday card together.



Photos: Paul Smith Spring 2014 Menswear Collection by Yannis Vlamos / InDigital | GoRunway

By Orzie Douglas

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