Having just come back from spending four months in Paris, I’ve had my fair share of encounters with the fashionable kind. With that said, I still felt aesthetically deprived as though in between all of the haute couture, vintage designer pieces, and hot off the runway looks, there was still something missing. It was when I attended the Exploratorium’s Annual Spring Gala After Party that I finally figured out what stylistic element I had (up until now) been robbed of observing in my everyday routine.

Everything from the Dapper Dan’s to the eccentric, creative, and quirky of the San Francisco style scene came together with an array of innovative and hands-on, artist-created exhibits in an environment that couldn’t be beat– making for the perfect mélange of exploratory arts and experimental fashion that tested limits in the best ways possible.

What with all of the inherently San Francisco aspects that I missed most while studying in Paris being tastefully thrown together– like the mere fact that this event was arts-centric, the crafty bites via McCall’s catering that did what I know and love of the culinary scene justice, and the lovely lit up Bay Bridge on a rare, but fantastically fog-less night that provided a picture-perfect backdrop to the Exploratorium’s already dazzling display– I couldn’t have asked for a better homecoming event.

The impressive 800-attendees ranged from artists to entrepreneurs of the Silicon Valley, making up quite the sartorial palate in addition to raising $1.5 million for the ever-innovative non-profit Exploratorium Museum. Nothing like showing some San Francisco spirit by coming together with some of the Bay Area’s most creative minds to benefit the arts while showcasing some authentic SF style.

Photo by Adam NisbetPhoto by Khuyen DoPhoto by Khuyen DoPhoto by Khuyen DoPhoto by Khuyen DoPhoto by Khuyen DoPhoto by Khuyen DoPhoto by Khuyen DoPhoto by Khuyen DoPhoto by Khuyen DoPhoto by Khuyen DoPhoto by Khuyen DoPhoto by Khuyen Do

By Khuyen Do

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