On Friday, October 11th, a modestly green-lit Bently Reserve gave no indication of the raucous party going on behind its statuesque columns.

The LEED – certified Bently Reserve was the perfect environment for Global Green’s sold-out “Green Gatsby” gala. Co-chairs and environmental advocates, Zem Joaquin and Nadine Weil hosted a night resplendent with deco that raised more than $350,000 to benefit sustainability initiatives, programs, and critical projects. Celebrities and VIP’s, from Rosario Dawson and Maggie Grace, to the Getty’s, Richard Wegman, and Christiana Whyly came out in spades to show their support.

Hosted bars poured 20’s inspired gin cocktails and champagne. And attendees cloaked in beads, feathers, silk, and tuxedoes seemed an effortless part of the décor by Blueprint Studios. Before the night went into full swing, an elaborate, organic dinner composed by Michelin-starred chef Ken Frank of La Toque in Napa, CA was served to philanthropists and donors.

An eco-couture Gastby themed runway show featuring Gatsby inspired gowns by Cari Borja, made-to-measure fine clothing from Jake Wall, (the CCO and co-founder of The Artful Gentleman), looks from Decades of Fashion, eBay Green, Torso Vintages, and Rose LaMer dazzled a completely captivated audience. Brooks Brothers, a favorite of Fitzgerald himself, also made an appearance on the runway. The show flowed on in a seamless ribbon of 1920’s glam while Eoin Harrington of RH Music played a Gatsby medley with Kelly McFarling.

After the show, Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method ensured that the catwalk would not be left empty as revelers filled it to dance.

As TAG is anything but passive, Founder Gautam Sodera, Assistant to the Editor Khuyen Do, and I spent the evening on the runway, near it, and best of all, styling guests in the photo area. Top hats, a fur blanket, and a myriad of faux cigars were all we needed to dedicate at least an hour to befriending some of the best dressed guests in attendance as we shot photos of them posing on a silver sofa.

Through our impromptu styling efforts, we ended up meeting designers, Cari Borja and Jake Wall. We spent much of the evening exchanging fashion information, talking about the merits of literary salons, and dancing.

Thank you Nadine Weil and Zem Joaquin for putting on such a lovely event. The next gala on the docket has quite a lot to live up to.

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Photos by G Sodera

By Sara Becker

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