I love my family and lucky for me, they love me too. The evidence lies in the phone calls, voice mails, text messages, Whatsapp chats, FB messages, the list goes wonderfully on. (I love you mom. I know you’re reading this.) I’m occasionally asked questions and given suggestions that leave me feeling less than relaxed. They go like this: are you drinking enough? Are you drinking too much? Maybe you should get more sleep. You know, my hairdresser’s son is single again, maybe you should call him.

I’m sorry if that stressed you out. But if it did, maybe it’s because it sounds familiar. As millennials, we are giving multitasking a run for its money as we strive to start our own companies, make names for ourselves, eat local, wrestle with our FOMO issues, and try to keep our parents happy (and maybe us too).

But! Amidst all of this, are we taking care of ourselves? For the past year…or two, I’ve been a facial procrastinator. I know. I know! It’s bad. We’re supposed to go every season. (True story: as the weather changes, so does our skin. Makes sense).

With a strong desire to preserve my mug for as long as possible, barring a Walt Disney deep freeze or a formaldehyde bath, I asked my health guru friend Sophia for the recommendation of a good facialist. She didn’t hesitate to refer me to Lori Sprester of Good Face.

An Aveda Institute grad, former student of the International Dermal Institute, and grad of Dermalogica Academy, Lori knows a thing or two about skin.

Walking in for my facial her studio smelled amazing, erasing the smells of my Brooklyn bike ride.

She immediately put me at ease as we chatted about our dads and travel. Lying down for the big show was a dream,k the bed/table (it was a proper table but felt like a bed), was super clean and comfy. I got to just hang out like a happy lump while she gently cleansed, massaged, and performed magic on my face for a solid hour.

We spoke about my skin and she gave me a few excellent brand agnostic tips. I.e.: too much calcium can lead to an angry face. So many of my favorite foods are packed with calcium: kale, almonds, and dairy. SAD! But, the woman is a realist, not a face Nazi, so she suggested moderation rather than kicking all those tasty things to the curb – phew! When I finally left the haven of her office, my skin was literally glowing. I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s true, it felt happy and so smooth.

Definitely check Lori at Good Face out for your next facial. She’s lovely, talented, and affordable. With a generous tip, I left with both my wallet and my face in good shape.

By Sara Becker

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