Tuesday, May 13 Karl Lagerfeld took the Chanel 2015 Cruise show out of its comfort zone. Hosted on The Island in Dubai, VIP guests were ferried across the water in wooden boats and escorted to an opulent white pavilion covered in floor cushions. Fashion’s elite leading ladies served as ambassadors to the event, flanking the room beneath classic mashrabiya (ornate windows) made of Chanel’s double C. Smiles were easy, guests were relaxed, and the clothing was gorgeous.

Watching the show was a multi-screen experience. As models wove their way through the room, you could see hands fly up to capture their wide-legged trousers, tunics, pleated blouses, and loose knit tights with cell phones. In an abstract way, it looked like a crowd of fashion’s well-moneyed doing “The Wave.”

Despite the second screen action, the show felt weightless, effortless, and ethereal. It transported me to the feeling of reading a story from Arabian Nights. As if the gold dust of sand were dancing in the air, toying with the fabric as it swirled around the strolling supermodels.

Chanel 2015 Cruise collection has made its way to the top of my list. On the other end of the spectrum is still Marc Jacobs’ last show; but to say that it’s a different vibe would be a bit of an understatement. Where will Lagerfeld go next? The moon? Under the sea? Will he spread a show across the tops of all of the highest buildings in New York? I don’t know, but I’m excited to find out.

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Photos courtesy of Chanel
By Sara Becker


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