Thank you Kobi Levi:

By Sara Becker
Monday June 6, 2011

While I was at work today, a friend sent me a link to a blog. It was beautiful, well designed, and I’ve honestly forgotten its name, however, I haven’t forgotten what I saw on it. One of the featured designers on it was an Israeli shoe designer named Kobi Levi. I found myself staring, completely mesmerized by a pair of white high heels. They were unlike any shoes I’ve ever seen. They’re called, Bird 3 Swan 2011, and they looked like a pair of swans! They were white, with bright orange heels on them and a round black piece at the rear of the heel that resembled the unfeathered area between a swan’s eyes and its bill. I immediately started doing research. I wanted to know where I could purchase the Swan heels, I needed them!

To my dismay, I discovered that Kobi’s shoes are meant to live as pieces of art, rather than to be sold online. (It also takes an incredible amount of time to hand craft leather shoes). During my search, I discovered more pairs of his magnificent heels; a bright orange pair with gold overlapping chopsticks as the heel called Contemporary Chinese 2011, a pair called Blond Ambition 2011 that are gold and resemble heeled Persian slippers with a ponytail on the back, and pairs that resemble a mallard and a toucan respectively.

Don’t take my word for it, Kobi Levi Footwear

I kept searching and discovered that a: Kobi crafts all of his shoes by hand, he doesn’t believe in heels made on an assembly line, b: Gaga wore a pair of his shoes in “Born This Way” and he didn’t even post it to his Facebook c: He partners with another designer to create shoes for the Israeli brand, Shoofra and, d: That despite an article about him on CNN and several other pieces I found praising his talents, his own blog profile page has only about 18,000 views.

From another article I read, to procure Levi’s shoes for her shoot, Gaga had her fashion director email Levi asking for heels for the “Born This Way” shoot. He was surprised and sent her shoes. Gaga, you are one lucky lady.

Now, I realize this isn’t a formal request, but, if you’re out there Kobi, I wear a size 7 and would love to take a pair of your incredible heels for a walk around San Francisco, I think the city could use a pair.

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