If form really follows function, then what is next for wearable tech? Fashion is following suit in the race for adaptation and efficiency. When a completely digital home has its own Twitter account and we can TaskRabbit the murky waters of apartment hunting, we’ve got to wonder what the trickle down effect is for fashion. How soon will wearable tech move out of the IO space and into RTW? How long before digital LED umbrellas, shirts that monitor out heart rates, and magic rings become commonplace?

That seems to be the question of the hour. As high-end houses push to work with the digital world rather than against it, the concept of mainstream smart fashion seems more plausible.

The latest innovation is the Ring, (not to be confused with the other type of ring). Logbar’s silver Bluetooth Ring is more than a piece of jewelry. It recognizes finger gestures and can control an unlimited number of devices.

Available now via Kickstarter for $145, it made its big debut at SXSW’s trade show. Ring wearers can send text messages by writing them in the air and gain access to apps by simply drawing their shape. It can also control televisions and lights in smart homes and make mobile payments.

Buy it, but beware, no matter how smart it is, it can’t swim so take it off before you soap up.

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By Sara Becker

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