Tommy Hilfiger Bangladesh Factory Exposed As Unsafe

By Sogol Motiey

The US Department of Labor records just six countries (Argentina, China, India, Jordan, Malaysia and Thailand) where violations were found in garment production and five (Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India and Indonesia) in footwear.

Although this doesn’t compare to the use of labor for gold, cotton continues to live up to its reputation for labor abuse in countries all over the world.

“Despite the glamorous facade, labor controversies persist behind the closed doors of the American fashion industry.” Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Gap and Kohl’s are still getting their goods from a Bangladesh factory that just a year ago was the site of a massive fire that killed 29 workers. ┬áSince then, the unsafe environment has continued but the factory is still making clothes for the three companies.

According to ABC, however, Hilfiger has agreed spend $1 million for an independent fire inspector. Gap is also aiming to establish similar agreement.

The real challenge now is to implement business practices that lead to higher labor standards and living and working conditions for workers around the world, not only in the factory in Bangladesh.

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