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My father is one of the most masculine men I know.  He is by no means a fashionista but he presents himself well. He had a surprising critique on men and their sense or lack thereof in fashion. My father said that men should be more fabric conscious.

Have you ever watched a woman apply moisturizer to her epidermis? It’s sensual.   Most guys do not even use moisturizer, but if they do, they rub it in so fast and hard you would think they were sanding a piece of wood. Women are aware of which fabrics feel nice on their skin and which ones might cause a rash or irritation. Men are often not aware of when they have a skin irritation.

As humans we need food, shelter and clothing. We need clothing because we do not have fur. A lot of things can be deduced by the quality of fabric that a man puts next to his skin. Who do people want to pet more, a porcupine or a chinchilla? Many choices in life can be made when you feel your options. Trust me, do you really think that lady touched your arm to feel the muscle on your forearm?

My father’s birthday just passed so he is naturally on my mind. My father may be the hardest working man I have ever met, but as blue collar as his work ethic is, he knows that collar better be a high grade fabric that looks and feels as it should.  Gentlemen, touch and feel your fabrics. Gracias Papa!

Photos: Bottega Veneta, Fall 2014 Menswear Collection by Marcus Tondo / inDigital / GoRunway /

Feature image: Backstage Bottega Veneta, Fall 2014 Menswear Collection by Jason Lloyd Evans

By Orzie Douglas

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