Two Suits

By Orzie Henderson
May 1, 2012
Gentlemen, there are many conversations that I wish to have with you about the power of color.  I think the simplest way to start the discussion is for you to learn yourself.  All you will need is 2 suits, 2 belts, 2 pairs of shoes, 3-5 ties, and 3-5 shirts.  Many of you already have these, and if you don’t you should.  Let’s pretend that you have a navy blue and a grey suit.  You have a pair of black loafers, and a brown pair with matching belts.  Pretend a long with me that you have a white button-down, a light blue, dark blue, black,  and one striped-button down.
I am not a mathematician, and since not all of the ties are going to match each suit/shirt combinations, but you are still looking at a about 200 different outfits.  That’s forty work weeks of never repeating an outfit.  This is important for a few reasons.  First, not everybody can afford a walk-in closet full of suits.  If you have 2 suits and you match them with different combinations, people will think that you have 10 suits, compared to the two that you really have.  Trust me on this one.  Second of all, this small exercise will show you how something as simple as switching the color of your shoes and belt will totally give you a new look.  This will be your first experience into the magic of color.
What I am trying to get you to do slowly gentlemen is to play.   How do you get good at poker?  You study and play right?  In the basketball world they call ballers who are always playing ‘gymrats’.  Many of you probably just check that everything matches, and then run out the door.  That is not playing.  That is the equivalent of not practicing, and then going out and trying to compete with the 97′ Bulls.  You’ve already lost.  My point is gentlemen, that there are a million combinations of pattern and color that will work, but most of you will never find out because you do not take the time to find out.  Get in your closet, and start playing.

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