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Now that us gentlemen are wearing more contoured suits with a slimmer lapel, ties have followed suit. Mark Zwissler has changed his style of suiting to a more modern cut, but refuses to slim down his ties. This is when things went from taking a stand in one’s fashion position to a showdown between two men; Zwissler and Anthony Martinez, and then the rest of the Bloomingdale’s boys got into the act. Call it Ready-to-Wear meets the Wild Wild West.

Anthony Martinez said that not only did he have a wider tie, but that it was a Ralph Lauren exclusive and was perfect for the season. Lines were drawn, ties were knotted in a single Windsor fashion, the ruler came out, and tie clips and pocket squares completed the armor. Zwissler didn’t break stride, but Martinez was ready for war. Oakland based rapper, T-Tha showed up to the battle suited with a Ralph Lauren button down, Eton tie, and a Paul Smith pocket square.

The vintage Ralph Lauren tie was measured at 4.25 inches wide, but there was no clear cut winner. The following Wednesday, the boys were at it again. Martinez came out with guns blazing. His Blvgari tie measured at 5 inches wide with a lapel suit. His tie clip was by Maison Martin Margiela, and his pocket square was by Etro. There’s a new bad boy in the Square, and his name is Anthony Martinez.

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By Orzie Douglas

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  1. Shika
    April 29, 2014

    That’s my Cuz Anthony Smith T- Tha.. Handsome as he can be..

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